Chris Durban - Project Leader

Mobility Planning Team

Image of Chris Durban

My interest lies in finding mobility solutions that are right for the local situation. Using data to identify issues and proposing new and innovative ways to address them is what always attracts me to a project. I want to work with clients who have a willingness to make change happen and provide the leadership to enable it.

Since joining the industry over 20 years ago I have worked with a variety of private and public sector clients at different scales with the majority of my experience being in the UK. I have taken projects from business case right through to implementation and have extensive working knowledge in parking, the ways to manage and control it and the delivery of sustainable solutions.

I have worked on projects such as the London Olympics, delivering Games transport strategies as well as airports, looking at landside transport requirements and the protection of critical infrastructure. I have delivered cycling and waking as well as public transport strategies and most recently my focus has turned to the provision of people friendly and sustainable transport solutions and projects funded through Levelling Up in the UK based around raising the quality of peoples’ lives through better, more sustainable infrastructure.

As a project leader I bring people together, creating teams that deliver in an environment that encourages everyone to contribute. The projects that I deliver reflect this. Projects at all scales are becoming increasingly holistic and as planners and transport professionals we should always look to make our solutions holistic as well as inclusive through the engagement of communities and local stakeholders.

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