Francesca Arcuri - Project Leader

Mobility Planning Team

Image of Francesca Arcuri

With a technical background as an aerospace engineer specialized in sustainable technologies, I joined the MIC-HUB team in its early days, back in 2009. Although my professional experience started in 2007 as a research assistant and later as a consultant for the Politecnico di Milano, it is with MIC-HUB that I fully embraced the transport planning field, working on several international projects and gaining experience especially at the masterplan and urban scale.

Along the years, I have developed a specific expertise on sustainable planning and innovative mobility systems, with a special focus on the relation between pedestrian and vehicular environments. I have had the pleasure of consulting some of the most renown architectural firms such as Foster + Partners, OMA and SOM, having the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects where transport and urban environment are thought of holistically.

Due to the strict relation between these topics and the high technological content, between 2013 and 2021 I have been reference person at MIC-HUB for the Research and Innovation Department, still keeping today that knowledge as a key asset of my professional profile.

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