Guram Niauri - Consultant

Complex Buildings Team

Image of Guram Niauri

Urban Planner with a background in Architecture, dabbling in Mobility Planning. I have completed a bachelor of Architecture and Urban Planning in the GTU in Tbilisi and currently at the end of a Masters in Urban Planning and Policy Design at Politecnico di Milano.

Since starting my early work career back in Georgia, I’ve been fortunate to work in fields close to my hobbies. Be it hiking, exploring, or traveling to survey incredible places to later work on and envision their growth.

Working with MIC-HUB is no different either, as here I get to explore and work on the topic of cycling mobility. As I see it, cycling has a great capacity to become a backbone of a city, with due push and infrastructure to carry the inertia of the growing number of cyclists by the day.

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