Simone Fabbiano - Senior Consultant

Infrastructure Design Team

Image of Simone Fabbiano

After graduating in Civil Engineering - Road Infrastructures at Politecnico di Milano, I started my collaboration with MIC-HUB in 2014, developing my professional career in the field of road design, where I was able to deepen my knowledge of different topics related to mobility and urban regeneration. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work on many projects in both urban and suburban areas with the aim of creating a city of people, safer and more sustainable.

Thanks to my experience in this field, I became Senior Consultant in the street design division of MIC-HUB. My role involves both road design and project management activities and customer relations.

In MIC-HUB I had the opportunity to test my skills both in Italy and abroad, such as the USA, Russia, Angola and Mexico, also dealing with the design regulations of these countries. In developing projects, I have collaborated with public administrations, with big names in engineering and architecture, such as J+S and Foster + Partners, and with real estate fund managers, such as Coima and Redo. Thanks to my numerous professional experiences, I have had the opportunity to deal with projects of a very different nature, ranging from the macro-scale of infrastructural design of neighbourhoods to the micro-scale of the redevelopment and safety of road intersections.

During my professional development at MIC-HUB, I gained a solid knowledge in the field of road design, and thanks also to my passion for urban cycling, my focus has always been on aspects and dynamics related to active mobility.

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