Sweatha Ramesh - Consultant

Mobility Planning Team

Image of Sweatha Ramesh

The way humans built such incredible cities and infrastructure hundreds of years ago, without the technology or tools we have today, intrigues me the most. That’s what made me take up architecture.

I am an architect from India, who cycled her way through the 5 years of bachelors. During the course I realized my interest for urban planning, thus moved to Milan, one of the best decisions I’ve made. Right from my first semester here in Politecnico di Milano, I was involved in a number of projects that dealt with green mobility, pedestrian friendly cities, and my personal favorite - the concept of 15 min cities.

The opportunity to work with MIC-HUB is a huge turning point, because now I believe I can actually make a difference in the way cities are built, more accessible and people not car friendly cities. I am looking forward to working on some amazing projects as part of the Mobility Planning team.

I love music, and also to travel and explore cities by walking and cycling around, which I believe is a great way to understand the city.

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