Piazzale Loreto, Milano C40 Reinventing Cities competition

Loreto, from a large traffic hub to an open-air green square, linked to NoLo to ensure continuity to the Buenos Aires/Padova axis: LOC, Loreto Open Community, as an icon of inclusiveness for the city. The project incorporates the goals of Agenda 2030 through tangible urban regeneration strategies and actions: a process approach rather than the design of a space.

The project will transform a heavy traffic roundabout into a place dedicated to low-emission mobility and intermodality. The project creates 24,000 square meters of public space, with almost 70% of the project surface dedicated to public areas. The space will be reconfigurated to reduce vehicular spaces and to prioritize walking, cycling and micro-mobility solutions.

Winning project: Milano per LOC

Team representative: CEETRUS Management & Development Srl with CEETRUS Italy SpA

Design team: Metrogramma Milano Srl, Andrea Caputo, MIC-HUB Srl, LAND Italia Srl, Temporiuso Srl, Futureberry Srl, Squadrati Srls, Starching Srl, with Matteo Gatto and Renovatio Design

Environmental Expert: Arcadis Italia Srl

Others: IGP Decaux SpA., Siemens SpA., Helexia energy services Srl, Miage-WattWay, Alchema Srl – Co+Fabb, Lawyer Giovanni Pecorella, Eugenio Morello – sustainable development

We are delighted to be part of the winning team to reimagine Piazzale Loreto, one of the sites of the C40 Reinventing Cities international competition.

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