Piazze Aperte Initiative, Milan

MIC-HUB, together with Associazione Genitori Gentilino, took part in the ‘Piazze Aperte per ogni scuola’ (Open Squares for Every School) initiative, promoted by the City of Milan, to transform the street in front of the school in Via Gentilino./p>

The tactical urbanism programme, through minimal and cost-effective temporary interventions on public spaces, places the school communities at the centre, with the aim of establishing a new and different way of collaboration between institutions and citizens, in order to shape and respond to the needs of the territory in a concrete and effective manner.


Check the Piazze Aperte – Genitori Gentilino video and find out how to contribute to the initiative:


We are thrilled to support the Piazze Aperte Initiative and contribute to the transformation of the space and the mobility in front of the school in via Gentilino, Milan.

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