Salalah Smart City, Oman

We are back in Oman to develop a new project for the Salalah Smart City site after the successful progression of the Greater Muscat Structure Plan.

Salalah is the third-largest city in Oman. It is an important touristic area that is rapidly expanding and growing.

Salalah has a host of incredible natural features, cultural and historic assets – to compliment all of these, our goal is to create the most vibrant, human-scaled, innovative, diverse, smart and sustainable destination in the region.

Salalah Smart City will present a bold vision for the prosperous and sustainable future of the area.

Our approach will be rooted in the broader ecological context of Salalah and forward-thinking strategies of sustainability, livability, and smart systems will be integrated throughout. We envision the city of the future, with a pedestrian oriented design that seeks to reinforce a new paradigm shift towards greater community and environmental stewardship.


The overarching mobility framework will focus on the following principles:

• Macro infrastructure and landscape reconfiguration to reduce car use by providing safe spaces for everyone;

• Increasing transit and mobility services by improving existing services, promoting shared mobility, micromobilities, on-demand and demand-responsive transport modes;

• Reducing carbon emissions by promoting soft mobility and an integrated public transport network;

• Integrating driverless vehicles to reduce road congestion and create a more enhanced travel experience;

• Digital platforms for integrated mobility systems connected to the platform and in constant active communication.


During our latest trip we visited the future site, took part in the kick off meeting and in a stakeholder engagement workshop to present the project vision.

The project is now in progress led by F&M Middle East with Sasaki Architects (masterplanning), MIC-HUB (mobility), Cundall (infrastructure and environment), Cavendish Maxwell(marketing and feasibility studies), Skyne (city marketing) and the involvement of Omani based companies, HMR Consultants and TRM Engineering Consultants LLC and MILCRIS OMAN.

The consortium's initiative aims to present a vision for a sustainable and prosperous future for Salalah and to actively achieve the objectives of Oman Vision 2040.

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