Smart Forest City Masterplan in Cancun

MIC-HUB is proud to be involved in the project Smart Forest City Cancun. The project aims to create a forested smart city in Cancun, Mexico, that is designed to be a “pioneer” of more eco-efficient developments. The team was led by STEFANO BOERI ARCHITETTI with MIC-HUB, Studio Laura Gatti and Transsolar Energietechnik.

Smart Forest City Cancun is an exclusive project for the first self-sufficient metropolis to be built in Mexico, a few hundred kilometres from Cancun, an urban ecosystem where nature and city are intertwined and act as one organism.
Considering the close proximity to the Carribean Sea, the parcel is encircled by waterways that can also be used for boating around the development. Other features of the future neighbourhood include an electric and autonomous mobility system to serve the internal system of smart paths. The site is accessible only by the innovative and carbon free mobility and for this reason the mobility plan provides that all residents will leave vehicles on the outskirts.

A true urban revolution is presented through technology experiments and super connection, in order to make people think about the existing architectures and cities, in relation to their future.

The new Forest City is at the cutting edge in terms of mobility thanks to a highly developed transport system which requires both residents and visitors to leave every internal-combustion powered vehicle at the city limits since mobility within the city is solely electric and semi-automatic.

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