Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for Famagusta District, Cyprus

We are developing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) for Famagusta District in Cyprus.


Famagusta District is located in south-eastern part of the island of Cyprus. Its geographical location is unique, as it forms an enclave bounded by the UN buffer zone to the north, the Sovereign British Areas to the west, and the Mediterranean Sea to the southeast.

The area is a well-known tourist destination and this is also reflected by the public transport system as certain lines run more frequently to accommodate incoming tourists.


The study area comprises four municipalities and six communities. The district has a population of approximately 50,000 inhabitants spread over 10 major cities, with notable urban sprawl and subsequent car-dependency.

This is reflected in the number vehicles per thousand inhabitants, one of the highest in Europe (645 vehicles / 1000 inhabitants) as well as in the modal split figures, which suggest that 80% of trips are made by individual motorised transport and only 8% by public transport.


The SUMP favours an integrated approach towards a balanced development of all transport means with the simultaneous development of alternative modes of transport.

In line with European Union targets, the SUMP’s high-level objectives focus on:

• Sustainability: a more sustainable public transport system;

• Safety: safe mobility options for everyone;

• Accessibility: a region that is accessible and easy to navigate;

• Public realm: quality environs for residents and tourists;

• Awareness: generate a renewed awareness of Famagusta District.


MIC-HUB and A.L.A. Planning Partnership Consultancy LLC are currently defining the vision and strategy. Over the last few months, MIC-HUB has been participating in a number of public meetings to obtain comments and feedback on the SUMP.

The meetings have involved the Ministry of Transport and the Public Works Department of Cyprus, the mayors of Famagusta District, the stakeholders and the citizens.


The SUMP will help Famagusta District to move towards a more sustainable mobility model, thereby reducing car dependency.

The Famagusta District SUMP is a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for a holistic development of the region.

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