Rome Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) for the Metropolitan City of Rome was officially adopted by a decree from the Mayor of Rome.

The planning tool defines the intervention strategies and actions to move towards sustainable mobility in the Metropolitan area.


The planning process was developed in close cooperation with the Municipality and the community to build a shared vision for sustainable mobility.

The SUMP foresees a significant reduction in private transport and an expansion of the public transport network, ensuring also improved cycle and pedestrian connections.


MIC-HUB collaborated with the RTI (temporary consortium) led by GO-Mobility and with Airis srl, FIT Consulting srl, Andrea Spinosa, Stefano Maurizio and SCRAT to develop the Biciplan of the SUMP for Rome.

From today until 12 March 2023, anyone can submit his/her comments on the SUMP, Sector Plans and documents in an official form.

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