The Düsseldorf City Vision 2030

Through the Raumwerk D initiative the municipality of Düsselsorf has called upon several groups of planners and architects to formulate strategic plans that will lead the future urban development of the city through a comprehensive 2030 Vision. MIC-HUB had the opportunity to be part of the ‘Responsible City Vision’ proposal under the leadership of Reicher Haase Assoziierte (RHA) and in collaboration with LAND landscape consultants.

MIC-HUB consulted the team on strategies such as the ‘Cool Streets’ which looked at road space re-distribution in order to favor pedestrians/cyclists and strategic landscape placement that would mitigate the impact of climate change throughout the city in the coming decade. In an effort to strengthen the NMT network and promote a virtuous modal shift the DüsselRing was proposed as an NMT and PT corridor that would enhance connectivity and green mobility options throughout the city.

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