Valle Del Campestre District, Monterrey, in Mexico

MIC-HUB recently returned to Monterrey in Mexico to work on an exciting new project. During our stay, we also visited sites in the Valle Del Campestre district where two of our previous projects have been realised.


The projects focused on improving road design, creating new public spaces, and enhancing urban quality. The new street design is pedestrian and cycle friendly, creating a micro-mobility network in the district. The new areas are shaded by greenery and landscaping to protect people from direct sunlight, thereby reducing the heat island effect.


The pre-existing road section was very wide with multiple lanes in each direction. The projects reduced the road width to create space for sustainable mobility, resulting in safer pedestrian crossings and easier accessibility.


It is gratifying to see that our projects are actually contributing to a better Valle Del Campestre. Congratulations to all the team involved and to the city for making it happen.

Design Team: MIC-HUB, Dennis Frenchman, Capital Natural, Patricio Garza, Grain Collective, Ecotono

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