Via Santa Margherita and Piazza Ferrari, Milan

Ardian, a world-leading private investment house, presents the project for the urban regeneration of Via Santa Margherita and Piazza Paolo Ferrari, near La Scala Theatre, that begins at the same time as the redevelopment of the historic building in Via Santa Margherita 11, Milan.


The project by Freyrie Flores Architettura and MIC-HUB will create a quality public space in the historic centre designed for pedestrians.

The proposal will give back to the city and its inhabitants a livable and safe space for everyone, the peroject is based on an extension of the pedestrian space and a revision of the vehicular road system.

The regeneration project of the public areas includes new larger sidewalks in Via Santa Margherita, replacing the asphalt with new paving and lighting in Vicolo Malagodi. Piazza Ferrari will be enhanced and pedestrianised to welcome new users.

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