Biennale Architettura 2018 – Opening of Padiglione Italia

On May 25th the Padiglione Italia has opened its doors to the public, unveiling the story of the Internal Territories of our country, in majority projected towards a future of abandon and dispersion. In Mario Cucinella’s view, “Arcipelago Italia is a manifesto that points to possible ways forward for the revival of the interior territories, to restore value and importance to architecture and because the work of the architect must reclaim a role of social responsibility”.

Within this framework and to help answering the question “what does the future hold for these territories?”, MIC-HUB has proudly supported the curator Mario Cucinella, his team and the rich multitude of experts, architects and academics who put their energy in envisioning a different future for these lands and their people, in shaping the vision for the future of mobility in Italy.

The ”Sala Futuro”, behind the mirrored wall at the end of the pavilion, welcomes the visitor to the Arcipelago Italia proposition of fostering a social, cultural and economic relaunch of the Internal territories, offering an interactive interface which role is to enable the real-time visualization and the understanding of MIC-HUB’s description of the Italian transportation framework in 2050 , compared to the one we have today at the national scale.

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