Expo2020 Dubai – MIC-HUB is the the pedestrian movement consultant for Al Wasl Plaza

MIC-HUB is the Crowd Consultant for the Expo 2020 Dubai Al Wasl Plaza designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (AS+GG), a Chicago based architectural firm.

Al Wasl Plaza will be the focal point of the 4.38-square kilometer Expo development. Enclosed by a 130 m diameter ‘Trellis’ dome, the space will host some of the largest Expo events and performances. MIC supported AS+GG in the analysis of this pivotal space during the design process, pursuing the best configuration for the plaza that will include restaurants, fountains and green areas. This multi-purpose space has the possibility to host small, intimate events and large gatherings. MIC analyzed plaza layouts under various operational scenarios to identify accessibility levels with performance indicators and mapped the usage patterns of Expo visitors to optimize the design.

“The design process for the Al Wasl Plaza was an exciting challenge and we are extremely happy with the final design. We feel we contributed to the overall landscape solution through our agent-based pedestrian modelling that was performed throughout the design process.” says Pablo Forti Complex Buildings Director g at MIC-HUB.

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