Al Wasl Plaza, Dubai Expo


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Al Wasl Plaza was the Beating Heart of Dubai Expo 2020, the centrality of Al Wasl presented an opportunity to create an inspirational plaza for gathering.

Al Wasl Plaza is covered by a grand trellis veiled in perforated fabric and is framed by five highly sustainable buildings. This innovative structure is the centerpiece of the World Expo 2020 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The dome covers a lushly landscaped, shaded park that defines the heart of the Expo and the soul of the Legacy District, serving as the central public space.

Al Wasl Plaza was arranged in order to host large numbers of people during the various scale shows and performances during Expo, including opening and closure shows, or small scale events, such us dance or public speechs.




AS+GG Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

Main expertise

Pedestrian Modelling; Spatial Analyses


  • Al Wasl Plaza is the Beating Heart of the EXPO Dubai 2020
  • The stunning dome that overlooks the Plaza spans 130 metres and reaches 67.5 metres in height
  • Capacity analysis of pedestrian facilities during COVID-19 Pandemic social distancing restrictions

Our contribution

MIC-HUB was asked by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture to provide support during concept and design development stages on pedestrian accessibility and crowd dynamics, also carrying out verification of the site under different operational scenarios though a set of pedestrian model simulations.

The scope of crowd analysis is to assess and evaluate the impact of pedestrian flows under varying conditions, also by means of pedestrian dynamic simulations.

The activity included the definition of a set of operational scenarios onto which testing the project and detect any possible critical issues in the design layout and/or in the operational arrangements.

MIC-HUB developed also a strategic appraisal of planning solution and static calculation of the expected occupancy levels; MIC-HUB carried out a more detailed analysis, in which preliminary analysis are combined with the results of the pedestrian simulations.

The capacity analysis of pedestrian facilities becomes particularly challenging in the times of social distancing, but thanks to dynamic crowd simulations, we determined the total capacity to take part of the magic at Al Wasl Plaza.

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