Moscow Pedestrian and Cycle Master Plan

The pedestrian and bicycle master plan for Moscow has been awarded to MIC-HUB.

The master plan developed for the Department of Transportation of Moscow, in conjunction with Austrian based firm Rosinak & Partner, aims to start addressing soft mobility in the city of Moscow; the city last decades have been focused on enhancing car traffic by compromising pedestrian and bike connectivity, the master plan aims therefore to the creation of a more balanced mix for the street network.

“We are delighted to work in Moscow, it is a great international city and we are really committed to generate a better environment for soft mobility” says Sabine Garrone, partner at MIC-HUB.

“The exercise for a city of the size of Moscow is clearly very relevant, but we do believe that we can really produce a document that can lead to systemic changes on the way the city is used today” says Claudio Minelli, partner at MIC-HUB.

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