Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan 2020


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The Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan (PBMP) for Moscow 2020, is an ambitious planning tool.

The plan was promoted by Moscow Department of Transport together with Moscow Traffic Control Centre and MosgortransNiiproyect.

Cars used to dominate the public space in Moscow until some years ago. Now a new approach is emerging to generate a more balanced modal urban mix, where the car becomes simply an alternative option to other forms of sustainable mobility.

The scope of the plan is to coordinate policies and interventions and to focus on pedestrian and bicycles. By affirming a new approach to mobility, that fosters sustainable mobility options and reduces the reliance on cars for urban mobility, it aims at achieving a more balanced modal share.




Moscow Department of Transportation

Main expertise

Pedestrian and Cycle Studies; Spatial Analyses


  • Regeneration of more than 3000 streets
  • Creation of the city-wide cycle network
  • Spatial analysis and the identification of ‘pedestrian hotspots’ for strategic intervention
  • Elaboration of the most meaningful datasets into a Strategic Pedestrian Index

Our contribution

The Master Plan was developed with the clear target of making walking and cycling part of our daily lives as viable transport systems.

MIC-HUB carried out the spatial analysis and identification of ‘pedestrian hotspots’ for strategic intervention, while Rosinak & Partner focused on the development of the cycle network.

Four themes were identified as the crucial goals to be pursued: safety, connectivity, urban quality and sustainability.

Providing pedestrians and cyclists with high-quality spaces, delivering a strong and positive promotional campaign and actuating targeted policies are the strategies for dramatically improving all of these aspects.

This will lead Moscow to fulfil the most positive and contemporary visions of urban mobility.

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