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Analysis and reconfiguration of the access area to one of the most important Shopping Centre in Moscow and its car parks.

With a view to the future expansion and commercial development of the MEGA KHIMKI Shopping Centre, the Limited Liability Company IKEA MOS (Retail and Property) commissioned MIC-HUB to develop a project for the analysis and reconfiguration of the access area to the shopping centre and its car parks.

MEGA KHIMKI Shopping Centre, in Moscow, now is one of the most successful retail and leisure destinations of the group with a catchment area of more than 5.5 million people.





Main expertise

Parking Consultancy


  • Ad-hoc surveys to determine site needs and conflict zones
  • Multiple options of access design and reconfiguration
  • Redesign of the parking layout

Our contribution

After a careful analysis supported by traffic modelling of the road network, MIC focussed on determining the critical issues regarding the accessibility of the shopping centre, thus proceeded with an evaluation of the current road network and access system on the basis of the current traffic demand, evaluating different possible scenarios.

p>Following the completed analysis, MIC-HUB proposed an optimization of the shopping centre’s access roundabout, developed an efficient and conceptual car park layout in order to ensure fluidity in manoeuvres and reduce conflicts, and also put forward an integration of the road system with pedestrian paths to guarantee MEGA KHIMKI customers easy and safe access to the shops.

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