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The client IRI Architecture’s request provides for the reconfiguration of the ring road of Tirana.

The Ring Road is situated on the outskirts of the city of Tirana, MIC-HUB analysed in particular its intersections with the road that connects Tirana to Durres.




Tirana Shqiponja Intersection

Main expertise

Road Design and Streetscape


  • Vehicle and pedestrian accessibility project
  • Safety improvements and resolution of conflicts
  • Manoeuvre checks and road project

Our contribution

The MIC-HUB project envisages a new design of the ring road.

The ring road is currently on three levels, to make it more flowing and compact, by reducing the three levels to two and favouring pedestrian and cycle connections at grade level intersections.

In particular, an analysis was carried out of the intersection between the ring road and the access road from Durres: a direct connection in the busiest direction was ensured by means of a road located at the lower level, while in the other directions the intersection is regulated by traffic lights.

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