Strategic Comprehensive Transport Development Plan, Addis Ababa

We recently returned to Ethiopia to take part in two meetings of the Strategic Comprehensive Transport Development Plan for Addis Ababa, a cutting-edge project that addresses the transport and mobility challenges identified in Addis.


The Plan will inform a new transport vision and sector specific transport strategies based on:

• Sustainable and active mobility

• Gender equality, safety and social inclusion

• Environmental quality and innovation

• Economic efficiency and coordinated governance


The meetings of the Addis Ababa Strategic Comprehensive Transportation Development Plan (SCTDP) were held at the Capital Hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

To clarify the SCTDP proposals and gain feedback from the stakeholders, the team organised the fourth Policy Advisory Committee Workshop (PAC) to present the financial assessments of the SCTDP and the implementation plan.

Based on a variety of assessment criteria, including implementation capacity, financial feasibility, urgency, and development impacts of investments, the consultants proposed a priority list of investment in two phases: short term (2020-2025) and long term (2026-2030).

Subsequently, a Policy Information Session Workshop was held where the public was invited to hear about the development of the SCTDP.

The consultants adopted an open forum style, focusing on the needs of vulnerable groups, to ensure that all voices were heard.


MIC-HUB Senior Consultant Luca Guala participated in the two workshops that were held by the SCTDP team of consultants, led by Ramboll Dk, including MIC-HUB, IRD Engineering and MGM Consult plc.

The citywide transport plan is a tool to transform Addis into a safer, more inclusive city.

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