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The work carried out on Scalo Milano Outlet analysed the vehicular and pedestrian accessibility to the shopping mall.

The work analysis also assessed the circulation spaces inside Scalo Milano Outlet & More, in order to identify any issues that might interfere with a homogeneous distribution of pedestrian flows inside the shopping mall.

MIC-HUB designed the reconfiguration of vehicular access and parking areas, assessed the access control system proposing new technologies, and improved the wayfinding and vertical signage.




Scalo Milano Outlet

Main expertise

Pedestrian and Cycle Studies; Spatial Analyses


  • Site survey to track pedestrian movements
  • Optimization of the overall access system
  • Wayfinding and optimization of pedestrian paths
  • Reconfiguration of vehicular access and parking areas

Our contribution

The study was developed in three phases.

An analysis of the current conditions, including:

- A site survey of the shopping mall and direct observation of vehicular and pedestrian flows by video;

- Analysis of the access system;

- Analysis of the architectural layout (identification of access points, commercial spaces and parking spaces);

- Analysis of the external and internal wayfinding system;

- Criticality assessment.

An analysis of the spatial configuration of access and circulation areas, focussing on:

- Analysis of the parking configuration and the parking management system;

- Analysis of pedestrian paths and distribution flows;

- Identification of pinch points and aggregation points, and possible interferences with flows;

- Assessment of wayfinding.

MIC-HUB’s design proposal for Scalo Milano Outlet consists of the optimization of the overall access system and pedestrian paths.

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