Grand Paris Express


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Grand Paris Express is a group of new rapid transit lines being built in the Île-de-France region.

The development program comprises four brand new lines as well as the extensions of two existing lines.

MIC-HUB joined the team of experts, led by FBCC Architecture with offices in Paris, in an extensive peer review exercise of 11 planned stations belonging to lines 15 and 18.




Grand Paris Express

Main expertise

Pedestrian Modelling


  • Definition of passenger flows
  • Analysis of the expected traffic data

Our contribution

MIC-HUB supported FBCC’s work in the definition of passenger flows

MIC-HUB advisory on passenger flows was aimed at the critical examination of the station layouts; hence, at identifying possible design optimization strategies, particularly around the standardization of technical and geometrical solutions.

The study was conducted for 3 stations of line 18: Versaille Chantiers, Satory, Saint Quentin
and 8 stations for line 15 West : Saint Cloud, Rueil-Suresnes Mont-Valerien, Nanterre La Boule, Nanterre La Folie, Bécon-Les-Bruyéres, Bois-Colombes, Les Agnettes, Les Grésillons

MIC-HUB supported FBCC’s work in the definition of passenger flows, analysing the expected traffic data and developing a set of micro-simulation pedestrian models, with the aim to evaluate passenger circulation, subsystems capacity and vertical transportation, as well as to identify any critical issues with passenger flows on the given layout and on those developed by FBCC.

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