Basiglio Development road design


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MIC-HUB developed the project for the internal and external road system of the AT02 residential area in Basiglio, a municipality south of the metropolitan city of Milan.

The new building complex will be built in an area devoid of road infrastructure, with the exception of via Francesco Sforza, south of the intervention perimeter.

For this reason, the complex will need to be equipped with a new road network, departing from the intersection with the existing road, that guarantees accessibility to diverse vehicle categories: cars, service vehicles and emergency vehicles (fire brigade and ambulances).




Basiglio Development road design

Main expertise

Road Design & Streetscape


  • Upgrading of existing roads
  • New private internal road to the lot
  • Dynamic and safety reviews

Our contribution

The proposed solution aims to enhance the new road infrastructures and those requiring upgrading and to improve the safety conditions of vehicle and pedestrian use.

The project also preserve the morphological characteristics of the area, limiting the ‘conflicts’ between vehicles and pedestrians and, finally, safeguarding the current infrastructure system as far as possible.

The project includes the construction of a private road equivalent to ‘category F – local urban’ that will cross the entire lot, circling from south to north.

The private road extends for a total of approximately 720 meters and will link up with via Francesco Sforza through the construction of a new local public road, with north-south orientation, connecting Via Sforza to the private road by means of two T-intersections.

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