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The Path of Knowledge (Via della Conoscenza) is an ambitious project to link a large part of the territory of the Municipality of Bologna.

The idea stems from the desire to enhance the cultural, social and historical heritage of the city, creating a strong link between the main centres of scientific education and technological research and the neighbourhoods, squares, parks, gardens and transport networks.

The project is a valuable tool not only for the immediate construction of this new corridor of public space, but also for laying the foundations for a new social awareness of urban regeneration interventions.

As with the acquisition of knowledge, the journey is an 'unfinished' experience because it is strongly linked to the growth of Bologna, the development of its research centres and its most creative and innovative expressions, which will grow up around it.

The essence of the project lies in the awareness that the introduction of quality into the daily lives of citizens is one of the most powerful and effective levers a city has to develop in an integrated way, expressing its best energies, its community values and identity.

Design Team:

MIC-HUB - Planning, Road and Public Realm Design; Studio Silva - Environmental and Landscape studies; United Consulting - Water drainage and public lighting; MiTecno - Structures; Antonio Accotto - Geology studies.


Bologna, Italy


Municipality of Bologna

Main expertise

Mobility Planning, Road and Public Realm Design


  • Master plan “Via della Conoscenza”
  • Design guide lines
  • Branding and Wayfinding Concept Design
  • Public realm design

Our contribution

The project aims to reconnect the existing urban fabric by means of a continuous and clearly recognisable route. It will bring together planned urban developments and the cultural, environmental and historical vocations places and research and innovation centres in the north-west quadrant of the city.

The Path of Knowledge is a high quality, continuous and safe route that promotes sustainable travel and encourages multimodality. It is an important opportunity to connect existing infrastructures and to encourage the development and promotion of cycling in Bologna, both for commuting and for systematic travel and tourism, thanks to the value of the areas crossed and the services provided.

In addition to the direct works of transformation and renewal of the public space, the project plan specific interventions, which will serve to build the identity of the project: dedicated signage, graphics communication, technological innovation.

Together with the route, the project proposes micro-plazas or HUBs, strategically located along the route and aimed at proposing a different use of urban spaces, activating and triggering synergies among users, and accompanying the growth of communities and the territory.

The Way of Knowledge is not just a cycle path, but an active, flexible and coordinated urban infrastructure that becomes an opportunity to reinterpret and measure the city through the activation and integration of public spaces, sustainable and aware mobility.

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