Linking Valdera – Valdera Mobility Plan


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Valdera is a valley in ​​the province of Pisa with a territorial extension of over 1000 square kilometres and a population of over 100,000 inhabitants.

The challenge of relaunching a vast territory like Valdera is very much linked to granting accessibility, which becomes central when re-thinking not only the commuting services to and from work centres, but also for a new concept of community, regeneration of public space, participation and governance.




Belvedere S.P.A

Main expertise

Mobility Strategy


  • Improve connectivity within the Valdera
  • Increasing the opportunities to move through sustainable and safe vehicles
  • Decrease dependence on private transport
  • Articulate a strategy for the regeneration of public spaces and the creation of widespread services on the territory

Our contribution

Mobility becomes a binder that unites, creating possibilities for experimentation and socio-economic development for the entire territory.

“Linking Valdera” is therefore a strategic tool that provides the basis for a sustainable mobility project.   It aims to provide electric transport services on demand to overcome the challenges of low ridership in sprawling territories; to create a micro-mobility layer in order to provide both last mile connectivity and new ways to experience the landscape; and to furnish a new brand identity through the creation of a governance entity that oversees the infrastructure.   It also aims to promote the use of new technologies, such as online apps that can provide real time information, enhancing the experience of both residents and tourists alike. “Linking Valdera” is a sustainable mobility project that aims to foster a sense of community and local identity.

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