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MIC-HUB prepared the first SUMP of Mantua that defines the intervention strategies and actions for sustainable mobility in the period 2019-2029.

The plan covers and integrates all branches of urban mobility, from the vehicular road network and parking, to public transport and active modes. This overarching approach allows for synergy in the process of policy-making to maximize the final outcomes.

The mobility planning framework is completed by the Urban Traffic Plan (PUT). This focuses on programming the priority interventions during the first two years after the plan’s approval.




Comune di Mantova

Main expertise

Pedestrian and Cycle plans; SUMPS


  • Pedestrian and Cycle Studies
  • Transport and Traffic Modelling

Our contribution

MIC-HUB’s scope included the definition of the plans, the construction of a multi-modal traffic model, all the preliminary data gathering and survey activities and the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), which was carried out by Dieffe Ambiente.

The planning process was developed in constant cooperation with the municipal technicians and authorities, in the fruitful endeavour of building a shared vision and counselling the mayor and his councillors on the various mobility issues.

The planning process took advantage of a multi-modal traffic model, which was used for simulating the current, reference and planned scenarios at the three different stages of the plan (short, mid and long term): the model includes trips by car, local public transport and freight movements.

The strategy focuses on promoting the regeneration of public spaces, active mobility and street safety for internal trips, while last-mile options and public transport are key for addressing trips from neighbouring municipalities.

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