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MIC-HUB developed a mobility management strategy through sustainable mobility strategies for the new Manifattura Tabacchi project in Florence.

The new Manifattura Tabacchi project in Florence, with the first Masterplan from Concrete Architectural Associates, will transform the former tobacco factory into a cultural and creative hub of activity, a functional mix that will increase the economic development and quality of life in the area.

It will house commercial spaces, workshops and ateliers open to the creative industries, traditional and co-working office spaces, partnerships with educational institutions, catering, hospitality, and residences, but also services, outdoor markets and underground car parks.




MTDM Manifattura Tabacchi Development Management

Main expertise

Mobility Consultancy


  • Sustainable mobility strategies
  • Traffic Impact Studies & Assessments
  • Transport and Traffic Modelling

Our contribution

The regeneration project respects the existing structures and works within the context of sustainable development, making it durable, flexible and with a low energy impact.

MIC-HUB provided support to the team during all phases of project development, studying the following aspects: accessibility by all means of transport; the impact on existing traffic; connectivity to existing and planned transport networks; the parking strategy; and mobility management through sustainable mobility strategies.

Internal mobility, with new accesses for pedestrians and cyclists, was carefully studied in order to connect the new Manifattura Tabacchi with the neighbourhood and Florence.

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