Biotic Technology Park Masterplan


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The Biotic Technology Park is an innovation and research-oriented Masterplan for Brasilia.

MIC-HUB supported Carlo Ratti Associati and the rest of design the team in leading a mobility and parking strategy that embraces Biotic’s futuristic vision. Biotic, based on a revised idea of Brasilia's super-blocks, will host a rich mix of functions, including offices, academia, residential, student housing, industrial/research facilities and retail.

Biotic’s transport strategy is aligned with the idea of a future were polluting modes will be replaced by more virtuous solutions that provide high levels of accessibility while ensuring the reduction of CO2 emissions in line with the sustainability strategy proposed by LAND.




Carlo Ratti Associati

Main expertise

Mobility Consultancy


  • People center mobility
  • On-demand mobility system

Our contribution

The overall approach aims to connect the campus site with current and future transit options in Brasilia to greatly reduce the number of drive-alone trips to the Masterplan area.

During the first stage of the project, MIC-HUB focused on a GIS-based city-scale analysis to inform the client on current and future accessibility patterns, travel times from the city centre, and plausible transit options.

In the second stage of the project, MIC-HUB focused on the campus scale, supervising road network geometries, parking provision and internal campus mobility.

MIC-HUB believes that the vision for the technology park should be aligned to a future ideal where polluting modes are replaced by more virtuous solutions.

Biotic will be a site that implements strategies like reduced parking demand and driverless technology fleets that look to pave the way for future developments in the city to follow.

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