Marginal da Corimba coastal road


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MIC-HUB and Broadway Malyan were commissioned to prepare a vision and concept for a new coastal road connecting Luanda City Centre with the Futungo de Belas tourism hub as a 7 km corniche promenade, fronting new public beaches to change the setting and perception of this Atlantic coastal capital city.

The road network of Luanda is based on a system of long-distance connecting roads. Among these, three corridors allow vehicular flows out of and into the city. The significant levels of road use have led to congestion and critical points.

To date, the road that runs along the waterfront is configured as an urban motorway, with no opportunity for pedestrians to cross it and with limited manoeuvres for vehicles.

The new infrastructure corridor bordering and reshaping the waterfront will host regular junctions and left and/or right turns, manoeuvres that will enrich the urban fabric and enhance the territory, connecting the city to its waterfront.




Marginal da Corimba coastal road


  • Reduce the need to travel, and give priority to ecological modes and planning
  • Create a safe and protected pedestrian environment
  • Promote the development of a sustainable public transport system

Our contribution

The aim of the project is to design a sustainable city with the quality of life of its users as its primary objective, thereby creating a new model for contemporary society.

The main objectives of the policies applied in the Master Plan are:

– To reduce the need to travel, give priority to ecological modes and planning, and lessen the distance between the home and basic needs.

-To create a safe and protected pedestrian environment.

-To enhance the territory through high quality public spaces.

-To promote the development of an attractive, sustainable public transport system that is both competitive and comparable with the private transport system.

The geometric standards of the designed roads and road connections, their width and radius of curvature, will provide a guarantee for optimum urban flow conditions.

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