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Located in the central part of Saint Petersburg, New Holland is one of the most unusual landmarks of the city.

It is an artificially created island, created in 1719, formed by the Moyka river, the Admiralty Canal and the Kryukov Canal.

The Masterplan envisages a redevelopment of the historical buildings and a fully-fledged city park designed by West 8. The Park is the Island’s main attractor and currently hosts a year-round cultural event calendar. The Island includes a mixed-use development composed of residential, office and leisure facilities.


Saint Petersburg


New Holland Island

Main expertise

Mobility Consultancy


  • Pedestrian and vehicular accessibility strategy

Our contribution

MIC-HUB was appointed as a consultant to define the transportation and parking strategies for the island, focussing initially on understanding the context and potential of the planning framework to improve pedestrian and vehicular accessibility.

Special attention was placed on keeping the island totally car free and pedestrian friendly. One of the main challenges, therefore, was to provide a high level of service for residents and employees to access parking without impacting on the internal pedestrian-friendly environment and landscape.

The general concept layout proposed by MIC-HUB envisages direct access to the automated parking structures from the external roads at the eastern access point, which reduces vehicular circulation on the site to a minimum.

The main strategies were subsequently developed to create a green and pedestrian-friendly environment with limited vehicular access to the island, thus enhancing the pedestrian strategy.

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