The Polcevera Park and the Red Circle


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The urban project ‘Polcevera Park and the Red Circle’ is the result of the competition won by MIC-HUB with a team headed by the studio Stefano Boeri Architetti, including Metrogramma and Inside Outside of Petra Blaisse.

Polcevera Park will be a system of parks possessing diverse ecologies, with infrastructure for sustainable mobility and intelligent buildings for research and production, all aimed at overturning the current image of the Polcevera valley from a complex and tragically disastrous area to a place of sustainable innovation for the relaunch of Genoa.

The wound left by the collapse of the Morandi bridge has increased the distances that separate the territory; the complex morphology of the area, the main traffic flows (vehicular and rail) accentuate this distance, running longitudinally along the valley until they disperse close to the coastline by the port.




Stefano Boeri Architetti


  • New sustainable public transport systems
  • Introduction of an electric tourist bus
  • Implementation of the existing cycle system introducing a fleet of electric bikes for sharing

Our contribution

Through the Red Circle, the project works on the transversal connections for the public space, to recover the connectivity of the territory and to restore a slow vocation to the places affected by the collapse of the Morandi bridge.

The Red Circle is part of a sustainable mobility network, in which cycle-pedestrian paths, smart mobility lanes, shared surfaces and intelligent parking areas all intersect as part of a strategy to create a safe, livable public space.

The introduction of a new sustainable mobility will support all the change processes within the Master Plan, conferring continuity between the Parco del Ponte area, the city of Genoa and the system of fortresses present on the hills of the Polcevera Valley, connected by an electric shuttle route.

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