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The Eastern Waterfront of Genoa Plan is the first step in the implementation of the vision plan for the city.

The project, gifted by Renzo Piano to the city, envisages the creation of a mixed use development in the Fair area (106.000 sqm GFA): the existing Palasport building is being transformed into an arena and shopping center, and new buildings will create a mixed use development with offices, hospitality and residential functions.




Genoa Eastern Waterfront Plan

Main expertise

Mobility Consultancy; Traffic Impact Studies


  • The realization of a crucial project for the urban regeneration of Genoa’s waterfront
  • The proposed road design will allow the creation of a brand new pedestrian gateway form the city to the waterfront
  • Traffic impact study with the support of traffic simulation model

Our contribution

MIC-HUB supported the design team with the accessibility analysis and definition of future mobility strategies.

The mobility strategies were followed by a traffic impact study, including micro-simulation model, for the urban planning and commercial authorization processes, design of the accesses, underground parking and service area of the Palasport.

One of the major challenges of this project was the redesign of the existing roundabout into a signaled junction, which was supported by the simulation model: this transformation would enable better access for all modes of transport to the waterfront area, including pedestrian access to the future park and functions.

MIC-HUB supported the design team carrying out the traffic impact study, proposing a new design for the existing nearby junction and designing the parking and access of the shopping center.

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