Scalo Farini Valtellina Masterplan


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The interventions in question are part of a series of urbanization works linked to the development of the Valtellina area in Milan, located at the south-eastern end of the future Scalo Farini site, representing its gateway.

With this in mind, the project for the Farini Implementation Plan is enriched by a series of interventions outside its boundary that are linked to the overall vision of the renewal area, eliminating the current rupture in the urban fabric to create a new quality of life, space and mobility dynamics.

The aim is to provide the users of the Master Plan area and neighbouring districts with a comfortable, safe and accessible environment, devising the most sustainable and flexible solutions so that it may adapt to transformations of the wider area in the years to come.





Main expertise

Mobility Consultancy


  • Analysis of flows
  • Detail design

Our contribution

From a mobility perspective, the redevelopment project aims to ensure connectivity for all types of flows, while equipping the routes with urban quality, safety, distinctiveness and comfort, with particular regard for weak users.

To preserve the quality of public space inside the Master Plan area and ensure pedestrian continuity, the interventions focus on the improvement of connections and the safety of cyclists and pedestrians, proposing the construction of a new underpass between Via Pepe and the Master Plan area, and a bridge extension in via Farini.

The MIC-HUB project proposal also includes the upgrading of the Via Farini – Via Valtellina road junction, which is a primary junction of all access routes to the area.

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