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MIC-HUB supported the client Redo SGR spa, and project team, led by Barreca & La Varra, in the review and development of the Master Plan project ‘L’INNESTO’ in the Greco Breda area with regard to the sustainable mobility strategy.

Located in the north-eastern part of Milan by the Greco-Pirelli railway station, the INNESTO site is the first zero carbon social housing project, winner of the international competition ‘C40 Reinventing Cities’.

In line with a zero-emissions and resilient development, the strategic elements of the proposal were dictated by the definition of a high-quality, sustainable offer, starting from a full, critical understanding of the real mobility demand generated by the new sector.

An integrated approach to sustainable mobility was proposed to provide citizens with a comprehensive coverage of travel solutions, promoting public transport, sharing systems and active mobility, while reducing the number of parking areas.





Main expertise

Road safety; Traffic study


  • General strategy and mobility advisory
  • Vehicle and pedestrian/cycle accessibility project
  • Design of intersections and axes
  • Verification of project vehicle manoeuvres

Our contribution

As experts in sustainable mobility, the MIC-HUB team developed a comprehensive strategy based on multimodality and the radical reduction of private car ownership and use.

L’INNESTO fits harmoniously into the context of the existing urban grid but at the same time makes changes to the current road network to shift the focus from the car to the person.

MIC-HUB collaborated with the project team in developing the concept of the INNESTO Master Plan in the tender phase and, subsequently, in the process for submitting the preliminary and final proposal of the Implementation Plan.

MIC-HUB also handled the preliminary and final design for the new road network, the sub-services connected to the disposal of water from the road platform and the sub-services related to street lighting.

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