Baltym Ekaterinburg Masterplan


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The ‘Baltym’ project area is a hamlet of the city of Pyshma, in Russia.

Located about 18 km north of the city of Ekaterinburg, near Lake Baltym, which is a tourist and recreational attraction for the inhabitants of Ekaterinburg.
The main road, EKAD, runs alongside the project area and connects the main towns in the area.




Baltym Ekaterinburg Masterplan


  • Indagini ad-hoc per la comprensione delle condizioni esistenti
  • Hierarchy of the road network, intersections and typological sections

Our contribution

MIC-HUB's contribution consists of a series of design inputs to ensure high-quality standards within the Master Plan, developing an efficient public and private transport system and access strategy to the lot.

The mobility strategies within the site make provision for the safety of cyclists and pedestrians and define access plans for goods vehicles, in accordance with regulatory provisions.

To develop these targeted surveys on the territory, the current conditions regarding public and private transport were analyzed, also in connection with the site’s relationship with other cities and with the surrounding environment.

Once these inputs were obtained, MIC-HUB defined a preliminary road network, the hierarchies within the lot and the intersections necessary to connect the site to the existing road network.

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