Via Guicciardi-Bonomi Residential Development


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Acting on behalf of the client, MIC-HUB carried out specialist consultancy activities on issues of vehicle and pedestrian accessibility relating to the property development at the intersection of Via Guicciardi and Via Bonomi in Milan.

A revision of the road design was performed in order to coordinate the existing invariants, the provisions of the Intersectoral Committee for Transport and Mobility of the Municipality of Milan, and the architectural design proposal.




Via Guicciardi-Bonomi Residential Development

Main expertise

Road Design & Streetscape


  • Manoeuvre checks and road design
  • Pedestrian and vehicular accessibility project
  • Safety improvement and resolution of conflicts

Our contribution

The new planimetric scheme proposed by MIC-HUB analyses pedestrian, cycle and vehicle traffic flows to resolve potential conflicts and improve the overall access safety of all users.

It was recommended to raise the two intersections of the project, using ramps, to make them more visible and force drivers to slow down near the intersection.

A visibility study in the intersections led to the crossings of the Guicciardi-Bonomi intersection being placed closer together in order to make them visible to vehicles as they prepare to perform a turning manoeuvre.

Manoeuvres in the road intersections and of insistent private accesses onto Via Guicciardi and Via Bonomi were then verified.

For added safety, the pedestrian area of the two raised intersections is protected by fixed bollards and barriers.

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