Monopoli Masterplan


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The project is based on the connection of the new Monopoli building development with the existing infrastructure fabric and on the creation of a new road network inside the Master Plan itself.

The new residential complex will be built in an area that extends between Viale Aldo Moro (South) and Via Marina del Mondo (North).

Given that today there are no internal road connections, a new road network is required to guarantee cycle, pedestrian and other forms of vehicle accessibility, including for cars, service vehicles and emergency vehicles (fire brigade and ambulances).




Monopoli Masterplan


  • New cycle and pedestrian network
  • Safety for weak users
  • Detailed Design

Our contribution

MIC-HUB developed the final design of the local public road network connected to the new residential building development, which included new intersections on the existing road axes, analysing the question of vehicle accessibility to the lots neighbouring the Masterplan.

In addition, MIC-HUB reviewed and optimized the accessibility system to private underground car parks in private buildings and to public street parking.

The proposed solutions aimed to enhance the new road infrastructures and those for upgrading, and to improve the safety conditions of vehicle, pedestrian and cycle use, while preserving the morphological characteristics of the area, limiting the ‘conflicts’ between vehicles and weak users and safeguarding the current infrastructure system as far as possible.

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