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Set along a wild stretch of the Aegean coastline, Kaplankaya is a new sustainable touristic-residential Masterplan designed by Foster + Partners’ global studio.

Kaplankaya is the first sustainable destination of its kind in Turkey to combine architectural excellence with five star hospitality and wellbeing in a natural landscape: the perfect backdrop for international guests.

The road network design fits naturally into the landscape context, which has been respected and maintained to minimize the visual and volumetric impact of the architectural interventions.





Main expertise

Preliminary Design; Detailed Design


  • Studies to minimize the impact of the infrastructure on the landscape
  • Review of the existing network and development of planning options
  • Definitive executive design of the road network and signage plan

Our contribution

The study carried out in the Kaplankaya area, an orographically complex environment, highlighted the main existing road problems due to the significant slopes and maritime territory.

The infrastructure project is context-oriented to fit harmoniously into the Masterplan and integrate into the landscape.

The targeted design made it possible to minimize the impact of the intervention even during construction work, limiting excavations and earth displacements.

The various circulations and the positioning of the parking lots for residents and visitors are integrated into the territory in terms of altimetry and planimetry. The use of cool pavements with a high solar reflectance index (SRI) makes it possible to reduce heat islands and increase the comfort of pedestrians.

The project integrates the road system into the geometry of the area, favouring accessibility and preserving the natural beauty of the Kaplankaya landscape.

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