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The MoLeCoLa - Mobility, Learning, Community, Lab - project will reinvent Bovisa node as an integrated, sustainable and accessible neighbourhood.

The MoLeCoLa redevelopment project for Bovisa Hub is part of a raft of redevelopments being promoted by international competitions of C40 Reinventing Cities and the Municipality of Milan.

MIC-HUB, together with the winning team led by Hines with Park Associati as Lead Architect, proposes a technological, innovative and sustainable district that integrates and supports the redevelopment of the entire Bovisa area as a new polarity within the city.





Main expertise

Mobility Consultancy; Transport and Traffic Modelling


  • Creation of a car-free district
  • Promotion of cycle/pedestrian and electric mobility
  • Zero CO2 emissions by 2050
  • 1 km of new cycle paths

Our contribution

More efficient modes of transport, more accessible services, additional mobility choices, and less environmental impact:

This is how MoLeCoLa was born, a new urban model of interchange between diverse public transport systems and infrastructures for sustainable mobility in the Milan Bovisa area. The project will not only create public, green spaces, it will also connect the two sides of the district that have been separated for over a century by the railway line.

Soft and shared mobility will be a fundamental aspect of the new car-free district: pedestrian/cycle routes and the promotion of electric mobility are key elements for the new landscape of Bovisa, an innovative district in which to live, work, study and move, and where all services can be reached on foot or by bicycle within 15 minutes.

The MoLeCoLa neighbourhood will interact with the surrounding urban context and allow for ‘controlled permeability’, keeping the neighbourhood car-free to meet the goal of zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

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