Vykhino Transport Hub


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The MIC-HUB team was in charge of the analysis and reorganization of the transport scheme of the Vykhino interchange hub.

Vykhino transport hub is connected to the eponymous metro and railway station, located in the south-eastern area of Moscow in close proximity to MKAD, the Moscow Automobile Ring Road.




Vykhino Transport Hub

Main expertise

Transport and Traffic Modelling


  • Optimisation of public transport network
  • Pedestrian connectivity and user experience

Our contribution

The mobility master plan developed by MIC-HUB focused on the definition of the main strategies, which included the optimisation of the public transport network and the improvement of pedestrian connectivity and user experience.

Special emphasis was placed on the implementation and revision of the road infrastructure, the interchange transport hub dimensioning, and the layout of the bus terminal, drop-off and pick-up facilities.

Multimodal modelling tests were performed on pedestrian, public transport, metro and railway flows, based on a detailed site survey, to obtain a clear picture of the current conditions and evaluate the proposed solutions.

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