K64 Keflavík Airport Area Masterplan


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Keflavík International Airport, located 50 km from the capital of Reykjavík at the heart of the Suðurnes region, is Iceland’s main gateway.

Connected to Europe and North America, the region is part of the Reykjanes UNESCO Global Geopark, making it a highly strategic land of opportunity for the tourism and industry sectors.

The Keflavík Airport Area masterplan spearheads the airport area as an economic driver for the Suðurnes region and the country, in synergy with the capital city.

Developed by a multidisciplinary team led by KCAP, including MIC-HUB and other international partners, the project aims to be a catalyst for driving the Icelandic economy.






  • High-quality transit connection between the Keflavík airport terminal and Reykjavik
  • Integration of regional and local public transport through a flexible on-demand system
  • Development of a smart local micromobility network alongside all major roads to promote the dynamism of the peninsula

Our contribution

MIC-HUB is responsible for the mobility strategy, which relies on intertwined networks from regional to local scales.

The value proposition is based on access, inclusivity, scalability and sustainability. Enhancing the “arrival experience” of air travellers is also an important factor.

Connecting the airport area’s urban nodes for travellers, workers and inhabitants alike, the Keflavík-Reykjavík Link (KRL) will provide a fast, direct, and comfortable connection to Reykjavík.

Key points of interchange with local bus lines and an on-demand DRT system (Demand Responsive Transit) will ensure the KRL’s integration with communities in Suðurnes and minimise walking distances.

Dedicated bikeways and walkways alongside all major roads will open the peninsula to local tourism.

In addition, the proposed R41 road infrastructure will reduce disturbances from the through traffic currently passing through the urban area of Reykjanesbær.

A sustainable, flexible and efficient mobility plan is crucial to determine the success of the masterplan area and meet the needs of the inhabitants and travellers.

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