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‘Biciplan’ is the planning tool chosen by the municipality of Empoli to render the town bicycle-friendly.

The compact and dense medieval city centre is already moderately accessible and safe, while a car-centric setting, typical of the 70’s, marks the more recent neighbourhoods: low-density housing and wide roads encourage the use of cars and speeding.

Through the planning tool, the municipality aims to achieve the cycling potential of the city and to restore harmony between all road users, creating a proper cycle network and reasserting the value of pedestrian spaces.

The promotion of cycling as a mode of transport is part of a holistic vision that goes beyond the pure and simple creation of bike lanes. The redesign of city streets is based on criteria that integrates and favours all modes of transport, improving road safety and urban experience diffusely.




Comune di Empoli

Main expertise

Pedestrian and Cycle Studies; Spatial Analyses


  • 53 km of planned bike routes
  • 8 km of planned touristic cycle routes
  • Cycle network catchment analysis: more than 70% of residents and 80% of workers will have direct access to a cycle route

Our contribution

The ‘BiciPlan’ for Empoli identifies the main cycling connections to form a citywide cycle network.

The cycling strategy is formulated on a thorough analysis of the city’s streets and public spaces from the perspective of cyclists, pedestrians and drivers.

It defines the most fitting typologies for each route, prioritizes them, and proposes traffic calming measures as well as 30 km/h zones.

The goals of the plan are to redistribute public space, deliver high safety standards, and maximize permeability for both cyclists and pedestrians.

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