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Kievskaya is one of nine railway stations in Moscow and a major interchange hub.

In Kievskaya Transport Hub the long-distance and commuter trains, 3 metro stations and 18 surface public transport routes meet together with an overall passenger flow of approximately 400,000 people daily.


Given the complexity of the existing scheme caused by the disorganization and intersection of various transport and pedestrian flows, the design proposed by MIC-HUB focused on the enhancement of pedestrian connectivity within the interchange area, minimizing the conflicts with private and public transport that were optimized.




Kievskaya Transport Hub

Main expertise

Mobility & Transport Consultancy


  • Enhancement of pedestrian connectivity
  • Public transport routes and stops optimization
  • Strategies for private transport and taxi access

Our contribution

MIC-HUB provided assistance in developing the new mobility scheme that aims to minimise potential conflicts between vehicular and pedestrian flows.

The project act through better organization of the areas dedicated to the various transport modes (public transport, cars and taxis), placing particular focus on space quality and the pedestrian experience.

The road network is designed to ensure the most intuitive and comfortable circulation pattern for all users. A significant part of the bus routes passing through Kievskaya will be served by electric buses, with the support of several charging points installed on the square.

Being a key element of the city tissue, Kievskaya Interchange Hub is also a generator of the urban transformation process, aiming to significantly improve the quality of the nearby districts as well as the urban environment at city scale.

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