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The MilanoSesto Next City project covers an area of 1.4million m2, originally home of Falck steel industries, in Sesto San Giovanni. Goal of the developer is to create the first Smart District in Italy, planned to set the new standards of innovation and technology.

MilanoSesto keeps a strong synergy with the 65 ha natural oasis in which the mixed use development is located. The aim is to guarantee the highest quality level for the living and working experience.

The MilanoSesto park is in fact meant to become a lively, active and productive environment within the site; the green becoming the link and the connecting part among the various elements of the urban space, fostering community, exchange and working occasions.




MilanoSesto Next City

Main expertise

Mobility Consultancy; Strategic Advisory


  • Zero emission mobility
  • Cutting-edge technology solutions

Our contribution

MilanoSesto Next City is a vast and radical example of urban regeneration just at the border of Milan.

To match these challenging goals, the project embraces a variety of buildings and functions, among which a shopping mall and unique leisure attractions, for a total of 1million m2 of GFA.

MilanoSesto Next City will also host the Città della Salute e della Ricerca, an ecosystem of research and health care facilities of national relevance. A project within the project that will lead to the integration of public and private scientific excellences within the urban environment of the new development.

MIC-HUB has proudly supported from the onset the multidisciplinary team that, along with the developer Bizzi & Partners and the many technology providers involved, is working on the project.

MIC-HUB has defined, through a holistic understanding of the different dynamics related to the multitude of user segments, the mobility strategy for the masterplan, based on innovation, resilience and sustainability. MIC-HUB is also supporting the Client in defining the detailed project of the internal transportation system, both from a technology and infrastructure standpoint, based on cutting-edge technology solutions as well as on a vision of a responsive, connected and zero emission mobility.

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