Piazza Cordusio regeneration project


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The project involves the regeneration and redevelopment, paying attention to the welfare of pedestrians, of the public areas around Piazza Cordusio, one of the busiest central areas of Milan, which is undergoing rapid real estate redevelopment in recent years.

Piazza Cordusio is an important pedestrian hub that presents some problems as it conveys vehicular and tramway mobility flows. The "Cordusio" station of the M1 subway line, built in 1964, helps define the public transport hub character to the square. The regeneration project is coordinated by Freyrie Flores architecture firm.




GRE Generali Real Estate

Main expertise

Pedestrian and Cycle Studies; Strategic Advisory


  • Historical and artistic analysis of the area
  • Improved pedestrian comfort and safety

Our contribution

The regeneration of Cordusio aims to reemphasize the great quality of public space that has been lost in its use and in the street transformations it has undergone.

Cordusio in addition to being a square is an urban system composed of spaces, buildings and road and monumental relations: it is a connecting node between the Duomo, Galleria and Castello.

The MIC-HUB proposal aims to enhance the pedestrian experience, to be implemented through the redistribution of space and a revision of the vehicular road system in Cordusio Square, neighboring streets, and by realigning the streetcar tracks to increase the space dedicated to pedestrians.

To enhance the pedestrian continuity between the Duomo and the Castle, the project proposes to close the southern section of Via Dante to vehicular traffic, widening the existing pedestrian island and minimizing vehicle transit through the square as much as possible, so that the only interference to the main pedestrian flow through the square will be streetcars.

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